Who are we?

HHN  xin Co., Ltd. would like to send our customers best wishes for health and best regards.

HHN  Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in express delivery solutions in Vietnam. We understand that TRANSFER – DELIVERY – FAST – documents, documents or goods play a very important role in your business. With the experience in meeting the requirements express delivery. With mail shipments that are optimized for connectivity and continuous transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; HH wishes to bring to customers the best  delivery servicewith the fastest time transportation. We are constantly striving to become the leading express delivery company in Vietnam.


What do we do ?

Over 20 years of delivery and technology in operationWith Hanoi Express, we deliver faster than you think. That contributes to increasing the success rate of sales and bringing maximum profit to the shop owner. business owners. We are committed to the highest success rate of delivery.

Provide worldwide delivery solutions. Cross-border connectivity increases the volume of global goods traffic.

The logistics solution helps shops and companies to focus solely on selling and closing orders. The entire logistics stage in Hanoi Quick take care.

Why should choose us? Find a reason to choose us as your freight partner


We always try and realize the timelines as committed to our customers, always looking for answers to the question of why customers need HNN EXPRESS, why customers need HNN’s quality and time. .
The completion of transit time on schedule and schedule is also a measure of service quality, with this HNN is always confident because what we bring to customers has been proven.


HNN has been handling and operating efficiently, quickly reporting each order when customers have a need to use fullfillment for storage, packaging, order fulfillment, epacket… e-commerce on platforms Amazon, Etsy, Ebay… globally.
In addition to express delivery, we also provide customs clearance, tax declaration, document handling services; air services specializing in tax-covered + full-service procedures to the recipient’s hands (see details in the service section); Air cargo transportation, sea freight services for companies and individuals.


With HNN, the prestige creates the brand, we always aim at the customer’s trust, creating a friendly, effective, and economically beneficial image for you. On each shipment, package we always put ourselves in the position of the shipper to serve wholeheartedly, conscientiously, meticulously, timely for the most efficient transportation and help you achieve your goals. destination when the goods reach the recipient.
HNN Express always aims at: nhanH – chuẩN – uy tíN(fast – exactly – prestige)


HNN call center always listens, handles and supports customers in the most timely, dedicated, responsible and effective manner; always stand in the customer’s position to handle and support to the end the problems encountered. We say no to blaming, avoiding responsibility. Each employee, each department position is imbued with a culture of treating customers like family, communicating with standards to bring about results that customers need to respond to, customers need the fastest, most practical, effective and safe. , economical and most satisfied.